We aim to create delicious plant based Baked goods & treats for both Human's and Dog's that is nutritious and environmentally safe. Our goal is to create a movement in the community away from traditional dogs food to more wholesome products.

All animals deserve a chance at freedom and life, are goal is to help them with that. 
  1. "Aren't dogs carnivores?" No! actually dogs are omnivores, dogs have no problems digesting their greens and they sure do love them!

  2.  "Can dogs live  healthy lives on a vegan diet?" Yes, not only can dogs survive on a vegan diet but be happy with wagging tails. A 27-year-old border collie named Bramble, whose vegan diet of rice, beans, and organic vegetables earned her spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living dog in 2002. A study conducted by PETA has also shown that vegan dogs have less infections and healthier coats. See Bramble here!

  3. "Is my dog getting the proper nutrients?" Plants offer all the nutrients and proteins that dogs need, our dog food has been formulated with your dogs nutritional needs. We even supplement L-carnitine and Taurine in our dog food!

  4. "How do we help the environment?" By switching your fur baby to a vegan diet you are saving thousands of gallons of water each year, at least 20 acres of land, thousands of pounds of grain and more importantly the lives of animals.

  5. "Is my dog be allergic to Vegan Dog Delights?" Each dog is different and has different allergies. The most common dog allergies are beef, dairy, eggs, chicken, soy and wheat (only a few), we do not have any of these ingredients in our dog food

  6. Dog food recalls are very common, most of the time it is because of bad unsanitary meat. Vegan Dog Delights is HANDMADE dog food and & treats, we don't use big machines that crank out thousands of pounds of dog food. Everything we make we is fed to our dogs, so if it isn't good enough for our babies, then it wont happen. Here is a list of Dog foods that are currently on recall, it is a good idea to check these periodically to make sure your dog food is not included!

  7. "Are you cruelty free?" Yes, absolutely, we have no animal products and nothing tested on animals either. So we have no cruelty in our dog food at all.

  8. "Where are you located?" We are based out of Santa Cruz, California. We also source most of our ingredients from California.

  9. "How long have you been in business?" We started on January 1st 2016! New year new start