Obesity rates in dogs

I was taking my dog to the vet, the other day for a routine checkup. When I arrived, they had a new poster on one of the walls explaining the epidemic in dog obesity. Over 50% of dogs in the United States are obese. That is a shocking figure, not only because that is a massive amount of chubby puppies, but also because only 36% of Humans in the United States are obese. So why is it that so many dog are overweight? Is it because people love fatting up their dogs? Or maybe its because dogs are always hungry? Well, no and yes. I believe it is a combination of poor diet, an lack of exercise.

For one, dogs love walks and we all need a good walk everyday. But we are busy and its hard to find time. So our dogs stay inside a lot, we feel bad and give them extra treats or extra food or who knows what else. Its a bad cycle because the dog feels pent up with energy, then we give them calorically dense foods, which gives them even more energy, this can result in them damaging the house or some other destructive behavior, just because they want to release some of that energy. 

Feeding your dogs plant based treats is the best form of energy you can give them, its not as calorically dense as meat based treats, they love it and it will help with weight loss. So anything from carrots to Vegan Dog Delights would be a great way to go!