Aaron Keller : Chief Executive Officer

Aaron has always had a passion for dogs and  enjoys working with them. Aaron started Vegan Dog Delights because he wanted to start a change in how dog treats are being made and the quality to which they are being made. Aaron's vision is to change how dogs eat, making it not only healthy but Eco-Friendly. 

Dogs want to be loved and give love, any animal can be part of the pack. Lets start feeding them plants and start making the other animals part of the pack.

Arla Taboada : Chief Financial Officer

Arla has and always will be a big animal lover and was never a big meat eater before she went vegan. Arla's background is in human anatomy as she has a degree in kinesiology. However Arla has taken her knowledge and added onto it with proper diet and exercise for our canine friends. She can give you a hundred reasons why a dogs need to go vegan or at least switching their treats over.

If you want to change the world, you need to start with your life and the life of your family!

Rikku : Chief Tasting Officer

Rikku is one of our Co-Founders and has over 5 years of treat tasting experience. Having a surprisingly picky pallet she has helped this company create a delicious treat! Rikku has a small team of 10 dogs that also helps her taste our treats and for some reason they want payment in treats? Talk about taking work home with you! Rikku has also been raised with chickens and other animals. She has a strong desire to spread the message of love and healthy food for all dogs around the world. 


Grrrrr woof, woof wooof.......BARK!

Merlin : Chief Security Officer

Merlin is in charge of guarding our treats. He spent his early years guarding his home from aggressive squirrels and falling leaves. Merlin has  extensive training in growling and barking and makes a top notch security dog. We noticed tho that a few treats go missing every time he guards the treats....Maybe we need to hire more security!

Security extends beyond the safety of ones self, but to the safety of others. Just like you want to keep your body parts, no animal wants to give up theirs.

Edie Keller : Co-founder Marketing Strategist 

Edie has had an affinity for animals since her youth, when she befriended the cows and chickens on her family farm and refusing to eat them when she found out they had died. She strongly believes in animal rights and makes sure that all her pups are Vegan!