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Vegan Cupcakes, Cakes and Brownies

Vegan Baked good are not only amazingly good but they are also good for you and the earth! If your morning route means getting a donut, why not make it a Vegan donut! 





A Green Dog is a Happy Dog

Vegan Dog Delights is proud to be a sustainable, green and compassionate company. Dogs can live on vegan diets they can thrive. All the proteins, amino acids, vitamins  and minerals that are found in meat are also found in plants. Studies conducted by PETA  has also found that dogs on a vegan diet contract less infections and have healthier coats. Most dog allergies are related to meat or dairy products, so taking your dog off of these can dramatically reduce itching and scratching.           

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Lives you are saving

We all love animals, from ourselves to the dogs and cats we call family! So lets not discriminate, lets love all of these wonderful creatures! Switching your fur baby over to a vegan lifestyle will help save millions of lives each year. Each dog that switches over to the vegan lifestyle is helping to change the world, the more plant based foods that people demand the more will become available. 

Difference you are making

On water consumption alone you would be saving thousands of gallons a year, by switching to Vegan Delights. With our Biodegradable bags you are saving the landfills from more bags. This is a company that cares about the earth, Sustainability and lives both human and animal. If you care about these issues then please trust us to feed your fur baby. We love animals just as much as you do!