quality over quanity

Every week we have a purpose to make the best fresh dog treats for our customers. We aren't the largest dog treat company in the world, but we do focus on creating and delivering fresh vegan dog treats. We don't use any harsh chemicals and each treat that comes out of the kitchen is hand-made.  We believe in taking our time and perfecting each dog treat, because all dogs are worth the time to make happy. After all they take the time to make us happy

Made in Santa Cruz with love

We are proud to make all our work Santa Cruz, California. We believe the community understands the important of a healthy puppy, saving the environment and saving lives. It is important for us to provide our products locally and make everything from scratch. Vegan Dog Delights sources most of its ingredients from California, we support the community around us.

We love every single animal


We do not discriminate to anyone or any animal. We know you love dogs, and we do too, but we also love cows, chickens, pigs and every other kind of animal. We do not believe in any form of animal cruelty, everyanimal has their rights to live a happy life. Vegan Dog Delights is proud that our dogs and customers don't require the lives of other animals to live healthy and happy lives!